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Transform America’s mission is to positively impact the lives of residents in underserved communities by focusing on improving housing opportunities and revitalizing neighborhoods.

Our team of ‘Transformers’ look to find ways to turn homes that are often times unfit for habitation, into high quality rentals where families and children can live and thrive.

The housing crisis which began in 2007 accelerated the deterioration of low income housing stock leaving an over abundance of sub-standard single family housing units. We look to make a difference by working with investors to add to the supply of quality housing.

Since 2015 Transform America has been committed to building the infrastructure needed to meet the growing demand. It’s our goal to bring in outside investments, create jobs and make the largest impact we can in the communities in which we work.

We believe that by restoring one house, we can begin the process of revitalizing an entire community.

Jasmine’s Story 1:36

Helping Kimyata 2:08

Christmas Cheer Drive 3:40

Thanksgiving Give Back 1:01

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